Be entitled to grant funding for up to 75% of your training – easy and quick!!

What is the Employer Training Incentive Programme? (ETIP)

 A delegated training grant scheme to assist Norfolk SMEs in sectors that have been most affected or highlighted by COVID-19

The scheme can fund up to 75% of training costs, up to £1,500 in total grant value per business

  • Accredited training up, or modules thereof
  • Mandatory training
  • Non-accredited training
  • Online-only / digital courses

The ETIP Grant is aiming to:

  • Support SMEs looking to diversify or grow, or tap into the local supply chain
  • Support covid affected business with their essential employee costs
  • Allow businesses to retain & upskill employees that may otherwise face redundancy, protecting jobs 
  • Incentivise rural businesses to adopt digital technology in any area of their business, or embrace digital marketing
  • Allow businesses to train new managers and new employees, or those reallocating from other parts of the business
  • Offer support around workstream, HR and systems management


With a history of running a wide variety of establishments, we wanted to give back to the industry and now concentrate on training, assessment and quality assurance.

This may be working with individuals starting out or businesses that are well established,to F.E.  Colleges using various E-Portfolio platforms and End Point Assessment across a range of standards.

We offer a range of courses covering short one day “due diligence” courses which may include Personal Licence, Food Safety,  Health & Safety, First Aid and more, all at various levels. We can also deliver Apprenticeships

We have spent the last two years working as a lead on an Erasmus+ project across Europe, and are currently submitting  bids for similar projects at the moment.

Companies we have worked with include ;

Adnams, Punch,  Enterprise, Broadland Council,  many of the District Councils of Norfolk, Vodka Revolution, Anglia Ruskin University, Flagship Group, Lambeth College, Lewisham Southwark College and City of Westminster and Westminster Kingsway Colleges,Strode College in Somerset as well as lots of independent outlets in Norfolk, Suffolk and London.

End Point Assessment organisations include Highfield Assessment and City & Guilds

Free Courses with AEB Funding!

We have been able to secure some funding from the Adult Education Budget courtesy of Strode College in Somerset,    which will allow us to offer a range of course (at no cost) to support businesses as we move into a brave, different world.

The courses we are going to be running initially, are across Hospitality and Tourism with some Business Administration and Security qualifications both short and longer term and the project starts from 1st August.

These courses are for all sorts and sizes of businesses and can all be completed online using different formats to suit your learning style. We will also offer support using “virtual classrooms” and “Drop in ” sessions.

There are a great many courses available under this funding and we may be able to offer the funding to other training providers if we are not able to deliver it ourselves. It’s always worth contacting us to see if we can help.

Courses will include:-

Personal Licence, Food safety, Health & Safety, Business Administration, Customer Service and even Mental Health First Aid are available as distance learning courses.

Security qualifications include, Door Supervisor, CCTV operator and Providing Security Services which can be completed in few days

Have a look at our course pages for more information…

Inn Training is also able to deliver E learning from Highfield around Covid-19 Secure courses.

For more information See the Highfield website here

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We have done a lot of learning from Spirits ( Whisky ‘s – not Ghosts)  to Mental Health First Aid brushing  up on our teaching and knowledge, which should help us to deliver a better, more knowledgeable learning experience to you.


If we can help we will.

One of the extraordinary things to come out of this is the way companies have adapted, changed and grown in a bid to survive and we have beed proud and impressed to see how some of our customers and friends have risen to the challenges!

We do know and work with some awesome people!

Keep well , Keep safe  and keep optimistic!

Training at all levels for Hospitality businesses to begin, grow and expand in an ever changing, fast paced industry. We offer a range of courses covering short one day “due diligence” courses which may include Personal Licence, Food Safety,  Health & Safety, First Aid and more, all at various levels.

We can now deliver  course as E-Learning, Distance Learning and also with remote invigilation.

Please contact us if you need more information.

Please call or write to:

07795 326 481   or

07563 530 737                                                 email us at