60312518Award in the Principles of Health and Safety within the Workplace 
60316202Award in the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health 
60034841Award in Underage Sales Prevention 
60335154Award In Underage Sales Prevention 
60066854Award in Customer Service
60337692Award in First Aid for Mental Health
60324132Award in Risk Assessment 
60312890Award in Health and Safety within the Workplace
60320333Award in Food Safety in Catering.
60320357Award in Food Safety in Manufacturing
60320369Award in Food Safety in Retail
60325975Award for Personal Licence Holders 
60300607Award in Understanding Infection Prevention and Control 
60019347Award in Understanding Stewarding at Spectator Events
60006705Award in Conflict Management
60351652Award in Introduction to First Aid for Mental Health
60017570Award in Substance Misuse Awareness 
60149644Award for Working as a Security Officer
within the Private Security Industry
60149619Award for Working as a CCTV Operator (Public Space Surveillance) within the Private Security Industry
60170050Award in Customer Service
6008456XAward in Personal Development for Employability
60149632Award for Working as a Door Supervisor within the Private
Security Industry
60084571Award in Personal Development for Employability
60046454Award in Retail Knowledge 
60051760Certificate in Team Leading Principles 
60349931Functional Skills Qualification in English Level 1
60349979Functional Skills Qualification in English Level 2
60349967Functional Skills Qualification in Mathematics Level 1
6034992XFunctional Skills Qualification in Mathematics Level 2
60017582Award in Substance Misuse
60029262NVQ Certificate in Spectator Safety
60079198Certificate in Hospitality and Catering Principles (Beverage Service) 
60037507Certificate in Retail Knowledge
60131986Certificate in Business Improvement Techniques 
60054803Certificate in Principles of Business and Administration
60080024Certificate in Hospitality and Catering Principles (Food and Beverage)
60160743Certificate in Event Security Operations 
60054724Certificate in Customer Service
60054724Certificate in Customer Service
60030458Certificate in Providing Security Services 
6014001XCertificate in Customer Service
60140288Certificate In Business Administration
60054694NVQ Certificate in Customer Service
6014094XDiploma in Team Leading
60141074Diploma In Business Administration
60140264Diploma in Customer Service
60132000NVQ Diploma in Business Improvement Techniques
60078145NVQ Diploma in Beverage Service
60346875Diploma in Customer Service Skills
60348458Diploma in Hospitality