European Project with Erasmus +

In 2017 we started working on an Erasmus + project entitled Smile.

And then there were more,..

Bev Tour

The main aims and objectives (impact) of BevTOUR are;

  • To increase awareness among artisan food and beverage producers of the economic opportunity presented
  • To provide producers and regional intermediaries with the tools to develop their tourism product and marketing strategy


The main aims and objectives (impact) of BeWELL are;

  • To increase awareness among employers of the personal and economic cost of Mental Illness, and the benefits, personal and economic, of addressing this issue
  • To provide employers with a cost effective solution to address the issue of mental health in the workplace and comply with their regulatory duty of care
  • Eliminate stigma and address discrimination in the workplace by having MHFA form a fundamental part of H&S management systems in every workplace in Europe
  • Promote more inclusive workplace by helping people to help each other

To tackle the issue at EU Policy level to achieve this goal of Occupational MHFA being the recommended best practice solution