We are really pleased to announce that we have been awarded a grant from Lift Community Grants which will help us to help unemployed learners to upskill and aid them in their quest for work.

Local Investment in Future Talent (LIFT) have Community Grants to help get people into work across Norfolk and Suffolk. 

The grant scheme is funded by the European Social Fund (ESF). It invests in attractive and accessible employability support projects to help get people the skills they need to work. This could involve getting people into more formal learning.

The grants are aimed at smaller voluntary community and social enterprise organisations (based in Norfolk or Suffolk) who help people furthest from the jobs market because they are:

  • Long-term unemployed
  • 16-25 and not in education, employment or training (NEET)
  • Facing other barriers to work but can move into employment or self-employment with the right support
  • Disadvantaged when it comes to finding work
  • In need of support to become confident and ready for employment and/or formal learning and skills provision

The plan is to give remote access to learning and skills courses to those people who are trying to get into work. Offering a range of courses at all levels up to level 3 as required to facilitate a return to employment. Main targets will be Hospitality and Tourism sectors, but courses will also include soft skills and other specialisms to help develop and solidify core skills across all sectors.

We will do this by utilising the 4G phone network and providing Data enabled Tablets and give access to Online Learning platforms. Learn at home at a time and pace that suits you.

All qualifications will be delivered remotely using distance learning, E-learning, or E- portfolio platforms.

Qualifications will include the Employability units below

But can be added and amanded with lots of other units and qualifications to allow you to create a specialised suite of qualifications to suit your chosen career.

All qualifications will be fully funded Qualifications which appear on the Learning Aims Database (The Hub) and will be eligible for funding from the Adult Education Budget.

We will target four groups of learners that are unemployed and seeking work.

  1. People in hard to reach places due to geography and transport.

We will be able to offer distance learning courses to help people develop skills and confidence to be able to apply for employment and support them through the internet capabilities of a 4G enabled tablet. This means that those older, more rural potential employees can access training and support, as can lone parents who otherwise would not be able to attend a full 8 hour level 2 course.

  • Those people who are disabled or have been shielding and are able to work in the safety of their own home. Finally, they may be able to access a level playing field.
  • Young unemployed people, much of the recent support has been around supporting young people and this will also help them by giving direct- work related qualifications. It can also lay the groundwork for moving into an Apprenticeship/ Traineeship. One of the major barriers to young people getting work is lack of experience but, if we can give some relevant underpinning knowledge it supports their quest.
  • An offer of accredited training places for those looking to progress on from another Lift Community Grant project. Aimed at some of the pre-existing projects that have already been a successful, part of the Lift scheme. Project such as You’ve Got This! Retail Skills, The Engine room (Food Safety courses), Beccles’ Online Selling Workshops (Customer Service or Business Administration principles) to help all those who dip their toe in the water of self-employment.

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